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The Teacher's Role

Take Charge Be HealthySM is a "complete package" learning module. All assessments and activities are built in and programmed to be activated and available for each user without any action by the teacher. While the module has been built with minimal teacher involvment required, there are plenty of opportunities for "teaching".

The whole idea behind this web tool is for it to be a supplement to the current curriculum you, the teacher, are covering in your health class. The activities and content are based off the same standards that apply to your curriculum. Therefore, the teacher's role is really defined by what the teacher wishes to accomplish while using this module. There are certain tasks such as registration of students, and setting of topics that must be completed by the teacher, but beyond that, the teacher can dictate the amount of involvment they have in using the module.

During the use of the module, students can sumbmit responses in The Apprenticeship and Media Mania. These responses are automatically credited to the student. Teachers can read these submissions and approve them for publication to the website. Teachers can also see Log It information and goals that the students have set.

How you decide to utilize the module is completely up to you. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to email Take Charge Be HealthySM info@takechargebehealthy.org.

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