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Speak Out Loud Survey
Online Poll
Online Poll
Log it Track your daily diet, physical activity, pedometer steps, and/or screen time by logging in your activities and then viewing your progress. You can also set goals to improve your health, and monitor your success!
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Game On Pac Man Game On
All work and no play? NO WAY! Check out cool interactive games you can play…

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What's the Buzz

What it takes for teens to lose weight

Intro: Participating in moderate to vigorous physical activity and limiting t...
The Real Files
Name: Kelli N.
Age: 13
Location: Sidney, NE
Trivia Break
The average 13 year-old male grows about 3" in ...
Recipe of the Week
Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich
Submitted by: AMY P, WV
Physical Activity of the Week
Frisbee Golf
Submitted by: Brianna B, WV
Speak Out Loud Results
In a recent survey, we asked teens just like you about your small screen recreation. We got a lot of response...
Fitness Calendar
Fitness Calendar

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Teachers view more information about Take Charge Be Healthy® and how to integrate it in your curriculum.
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Parents want to get involved with your teens health? Click here to find out how!
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You have questions? You want answers? Ask one of the experts today!
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T.V., Magazines, Billboards? It's Mania! Don't be pushed around by the media. Check out Media Mania and tell us what you think about today's advertising tactics?
who will be expelled next?
Check out real teens tackling today's health issues head to head. Read their entries, and decide who is cut out for the Apprenticeship. And if you don't like their answers, submit your own!
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