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This page contains more links and resources for parents about physical activity, nutrition, and health. If you find a broken link or a page that does not work, please email us.

Printable Documents

All about Physical Activity
This resource talks about the benefits of regular physical activity for children and adults. Including guidelines and information on the difference between physical activity and physical fitness.

America on the Move: Preventing Weight Gain
This publication from America on the Move gives information on how to prevent weight gain through an increase in daily physical activity and a healthy balanced diet.

20 Fun Things to Do While Walking
A good resource for kids to help spice up a routine walk. Ideas such as playing "I Spy" or taking the dog with you, or playing a catch game with a friend.

Dining Out Posters
These printable posters are great visuals for helping to make smart healthy choices when dining out. Complete with tips on how to prepare to go out, and what to ask when ordering.

Family Meal Time Resource
Family meals provide valuable time to build relationships, talk about what is important, and enjoy healthy foods. Time together gives many lasting benefits.

Physical Activities for Winter
As colder weather takes over during the winter months, it may seem hard to find enough physical activity. This document provided several activity idease and resources to help you maintain a healthy physical activity plan, even in the winter!

Web Resources

eXtension.org | Families, Food, and Fitness

eXtension.org | A Picture Spice Guide

eXtension.org | A Fast Food Meun

KidsHealth from Nemours Foundation is a GREAT website for parents of children and teens.  It has helpful articles on everything from helping your child develop a health self esteem, to fitness for kids who don’t like sports, to healthy afterschool snacks!!  This site is filled with helpful information that is medically reviewed.  There is also a section for children and for teens.  Take a look!

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