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How Can My Teen Participate?

Take Charge Be Healthy® is a web-based learning module designed to be used in conjunction with the health curriculum in school. Your teen can participate if their health teacher registers his/her school and class with the TC program.

If your teen is not in a participating class, they can be a part of the eLearning for Kids "class". This class was set up to provide teens who are not currently enrolled in a health class the opportunity to utilize this learning module. Teens must have parental permission before beginning the program. For more information you can contact eLearning for Kids at: info@takechargebehealthy.org.

What can my teen do once they are enrolled in Take Charge Be Healthy?

Once registered, teens will participate in a web-based learning program that teaches them important information about nutrition, physical activity, and health. In each of the content areas, teens will take pre and post assessments, engage in an educational section, participate in online polls, complete surveys, play games, and more. The classroom teacher will monitor their progress and help them tie the classroom curriculum and the online content together for a meaningful learning experience.

Teens who paricipate in the module are eligible to win cool prizes such as iPod's, Dance Dance Revolution, and more in random drawings held throughout the year. Every teen and their parents (if you choose to paricipate) can also enjoy the benefits of daily physical activity and nutrition logs. In the "LogIt" section, teens enter how much time they spent in various activities, how many steps they took, and how much television, computer, and video game time they engaged in each day. There are opportunities for the teen to set goals related to their logs and strive for a heatlhier lifestyle everyday.

My teen's health class doesn't use this module, what can I do?

The best thing you can do is make your teen's health teacher aware of this module. You can direct them to this website and the section title teacher info, or send us the name, and address of the health teacher, and we'll send out an informational letter and brochure that details all that TC has to offer. Send information to TC at: info@takechargebehealthy.org

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