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6/22/2022 When you grab an after-school snack, which are you more likely to eat?
4/20/2020 How much water do you drink each day?
10/13/2014 What is your favorite after-school activity?
2/8/2014 Which item do you think is the most popular food choice in your schools' vending machine?
2/4/2014 On average, how many cell phone texts do you send and receive each day?
8/19/2013 If you were asked to do one of the following activities after school, which would you prefer?
8/16/2013 When you go to sleep at night, you...
2/28/2012 How often do you download music to an iPod or other MP3 player?
11/17/2011 What motivates you to work towards a goal?
11/14/2011 Who influences your after-school activities the most?
11/11/2011 What's your biggest health concern?
11/10/2011 How often do you exercise?
11/9/2011 My feeling about active video games is
11/4/2011 My favorite of these physical activities is
11/3/2011 My favorite of these physical activities is
11/2/2011 My feeling about being physically active is
10/25/2011 I think the best way to influence policies that affect my life is to:
10/11/2011 Do you have a community facility where you can workout or take classes?
9/30/2011 Which vegetable do you like the most?
5/17/2011 I would consider myself to be

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